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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Aug 03, 2020

Are You Helping Me?

The pandemic has put a lot of things into perspective for most of us – and customer experience is among them.

We’re viewing things through a new lens, and customer experience is no longer only about the value your product or service delivers.

The question many are asking is - are you helping my business survive.

Customer experience has become an existential experience.

For many businesses being nice, present, digital, 24/7, is not enough. Can you think ahead and help me figure out how to keep my customers and find new ones?

If you can make this pivot you can turn the experience of working with your business into something so essential that you build true competitive advantage. By maintaining the livelihood of our customers, you build a deep foundation for your relationships.

Check out my podcast with Ethan Buete of Bomb Bomb here.

We had a lot of fun so don't miss this one!

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On the Manufacturing Show podcast my recent guest, Jonathon Hensley CEO at Emerge Interactive, talks about by the fact that 70-84% of all digital initiatives fail.

Wonder why?

In the current climate, we all need digital success.

And a lot goes into achieving it.

You need to understand the buyer journey, provide great customer experience, and have unparalleled employee engagement.

But...success starts with alignment — with the market, within your organization, with your teams, and with your customers.

That’s one of many pieces of wisdom Jonathon Hensley, CEO & Chief Creative Officer at Emerge Interactive, shared on The Manufacturing Show.

We also covered:

Why digital initiatives fail.

Why believing you’re customer-centric doesn’t make it so.

How to understand (and utilize) your buyer’s journey.

Check it out here.


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