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Together we will:

  • Create an action plan to stay connected to your existing customers - Yes! They want to hear from you.
  • Focus on why you owe it to your customers to communicate and how to create value messages with immediate impact.
  • Build a sales plan and identify who is most likely to buy now and what they will buy as well as those who will only buy later.
  • Identify where your best prospects go online for information and for help when they need it AND a plan to develop the content they want to consume.
  • Extend your sales team's reach using inbound best practices and connection strategies.
  • Develop a proactive marketing and sales team improvement process.
  • Streamline your sales process and sales pipeline management.
  • Reduce your reliance on paid print ads, PPC ads, and other paid media without losing business or awareness in the marketplace.
  • Share success stories and keep the team focused on helping others.

With my experience working with hundreds of companies, I will help you learn how to connect with your ideal prospects, generate more leads, and grow your business using Inbound and digital marketing best practices.

Our clients are growing, even now, let me help your team too!

For managers and executives with marketing and sales teams, this immediate-impact program will:

Sharpen your Focus. There is no one size fits all marketing and sales strategy. I will help you identify the activities that generate the most value in the short term and over the long haul.

Equip your Team. I will help your team develop the confidence to create the best sales opportunities.

Advance your skills. I will work you and your team remotely to improve your marketing and selling processes and outcomes.

Your Outcomes:

  • Your team will be more productive
  • Your available opportunities will continue to grow
  • Your team will improve their marketing and selling skills
  • You team will be more positive and proactive
  • Your company will be well-positioned for what comes next

We help B2B, industrial, and manufacturing companies grow in a tough market. Here are three options for getting started:

Option 1

One month - $550

We will have a weekly call and will:

  • Develop your priority selling plan
  • Prioritize your marketing budget and plan
  • Help you create value messages and how and when to share them
  • Review your sales pipeline and help you determine the best opportunities and strategies to help them

Option 2

Two months - $1,000

Option 1 plus the following (upgrade from Option 1 within the first 30 days and we’ll credit your option 1 fee):

  • Train your sales team to implement the sales plan
  • One-on-one coaching with the sales team
  • Review your marketing data and analytics: Help you optimize your site getting found and converting more visits to leads
  • Examine the competition and give you actionable steps to better position your business



Option 3

Three months - $1,400

Options 1 and 2 plus the following (upgrade from Option 2 within 60 days and we’ll credit your option 2 fee):

  • Sales plan adjustments, wins and losses review
  • LinkedIn outreach training and evaluation of each member of your team's profile
  • Develop a sales plan for the balance of the year

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We can develop a custom consulting or coaching solution where we help you reach your business growth goals.