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We will work with your team cooperatively to determine the best path to developing the capabilities required for your success. Our approach is centered around facilitating learning for your team, focusing on what impacts success, and ultimately seeing results.

Our process is straight-forward and proven to work:

  1. We start with an assessment of the current situation using our tools developed over the past 10+ years with 100's of clients
  2. Next we clarify your goals
  3. Then we help you develop the right strategies and implementation plans
  4. Train through workshops or small groups
  5. Analyze results and adjust

Areas of expertise include:

  • Inbound marketing, sales, and organization implementation (not happy with your agency or sure if they are making a difference - call us, we will help you get on track)
  • Customer experience evaluation and program development
  • Leadership and organizing for growth
  • Positioning an established company for Inbound marketing and digital transformation
  • Content creation, optimization, and promotion
  • Lead management process development
  • Sales enablement implementation


We have been there before.  We will work on a specific area of need and help get you on a plan to achieve your goals. We will share specific feedback to specific questions about the best ways to grow your business.

We work with B2B company decision-makers who are responsible for driving revenue performance and help them develop the strategies needed to grow their businesses. We know what works and have the success stories to prove it.

Contact us today to schedule a call to see if we are a good fit and if we can help you achieve your revenue goals today.

Todd Hockenberry is the real deal! Being new to Inbound Marketing, I couldn’t imagine making the journey without the guidance, knowledge and support of Todd Hockenberry. Todd and his team have been instrumental to making our Inbound Marketing efforts successful.

Ken Gieseke, Vice President Marketing, McElroy Metal

“Todd Hockenberry and has helped us grow our business by over 250% in the last two years by significantly improving our lead generation results. They help us manage our online presence using Hub Spot and are delivering noticeably more traffic to our site with an increase in high quality leads. Todd has helped us focus our sales efforts on the marketing tools and avenues that really work to grow our company. I would recommend Todd Hockenberry to any small or medium sized manufacturing company suffering from poor sales results. He has delivered for us."

Wayne Moncla - President Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

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