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Popular Marketing and Sales Topics

  • Inbound marketing for industrial and manufacturing businesses
  • Building and equipping B2B sales teams
  • Lead generation in a digital world
  • Developing the best go-to-market strategy for manufacturing companies
  • Create amazing customer experiences

Inbound Organization Concepts

  • Create a mission for the future - align everyone in your business around Inbound beliefs to reach today's buyer
  • Build a culture of customer focus
  • Develop an Inbound operating system for your business
  • Create strategies that position your business for success
  • Turn your service team into your best salesman
  • Marketing to your customers and making customer success a priority

"We invited Todd to speak to our members about the latest trends in online marketing for manufacturing businesses and he not only educated our members about the latest trends he challenged them to make specific changes that will help them grow sales now. His presentations were engaging, informative, and highly relevant to the business owners attending. We appreciate his attention to the specific concerns of our members and making the world of content marketing more accessible and relevant to them."

Kaity Rosengren
LA/NTMA , Executive Director


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Industrial Inbound Summit

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