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Posted by Rebecca Miller ● Jul 23, 2019

It’s Time to Fix Your Website

If your website is focused on anyone other than your ideal buyer, your persona, then it’s time to fix it.

5 things you need to do right now to fix your website 1

Lots of companies have great looking websites with beautiful images, fancy graphics, and lots of bells and whistles but in all of that formatting and design, it can be easy to overlook the purpose of the site.

A good website is focused on your end-user, your buyer, your persona.

5 things you need to do right now to fix your website 2

Things like bland mission statements, images of your factory, and endless pages of products aren’t focused on your persona; they are focused on you. Your website should be built from your personas point of view. Your website needs to show visitors how they can benefit from working with you.

What do you do?

What problem do you solve?

Does your persona see themselves in your website?

No? It’s time to fix your website!

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