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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● May 17, 2024

Roofing Contractor Marketing Benchmark Group

Contractor-Marketing-Metrics-Benchmark-Group (2)Join Our Roofing Contractor Benchmark Group: Connect with your audience and unlock insights into how you compare!

Understanding marketing details and employing the right tactics is critical for roofing contractors aiming to thrive in today's volatile market.

Gone are the days when business finds you. Today, success hinges on reaching the right audience with the right messages and services at the right time.

But how can contractors ensure they're on the right track? 

Roofing contractor marketing benchmarking—a practice that offers targeted insights tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities facing roofing contractors. By anonymously benchmarking against relevant industry data, contractors can identify effective strategies, track their performance accurately, and make informed decisions to propel their businesses forward.

Contractor-Marketing-Metrics-Benchmark-Group (1)Generic benchmarks, often derived from dissimilar companies or different company sizes, fail to provide relevance for meaningful comparison. Comparing apples to oranges, so to speak, leads to skewed perceptions and misguided efforts.

Introducing our Roofing Contractor Benchmark Group—a community that provides industry-specific benchmark data tailored only for roofing contractors.

In partnership with Databox, we offer access to meticulously curated benchmarks that capture the critical information needed to market successfully within the roofing industry.

We understand that no two roofing businesses are alike. Each faces its own marketing challenges and opportunities, influenced by location, market dynamics, and operational capabilities. That's why our benchmarking data is designed to match the diverse needs of contractors regardless of their size or scope.

Take the first step towards new marketing success by comparing your performance with our tailored benchmarks. Gain invaluable insights, uncover areas for improvement, and chart a course towards sustainable growth.

Together, let's redefine what success looks like in the world of roofing contracting. Join us today!

Join the Contractor Benchmark Group


What does the benchmark data look like, and how do I see where my roofing contractor company stands?

Below is what the benchmark group looks like.

Roofing Contractor Marketing Metrics Benchmark Group

Here is an example of how you would interpret a benchmark chart.


Who can see my company’s data?
No one else can see your company’s specific data. You cannot see any other company’s specific data either. Databox’s Benchmark Groups software anonymizes your performance data and calculates the benchmarks. Your company’s data remains fully anonymous.

See the Databox data privacy policy here.

Does it cost something to join?
No, as a Databox Partner, we can offer it to you for free.

What if I don't want to participate anymore?
You can opt-out anytime and remove your company’s data from the system.

More questions?

Reach out to me at todd@toddhockenberry.com or call me at 407.406.3959

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