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Posted by Rebecca Miller ● Sep 20, 2018

Aligning Marketing, Sales, and Service for Predictable Industrial Manufacturing Revenue Growth

Predictable Rev Stream Creative post 3It is not uncommon in industrial manufacturing companies for sales, marketing, and service to work as wholly independent departments with little interaction. The problem with this arrangement is that prospects that aren’t ready to buy or have moved beyond the top of the funnel brand awareness tend to get lost. By contrast, having a centralized view of the customer by aligning your sales and marketing departments ensures that every person, prospect or customer, no matter where they are in the buyer journey has a valuable and seamless experience.

Creating a centralized view of the customer means having a single record of every event or interaction the prospect has had with your company that is shared across departments and teams. This creates a seamless experience (no providing the same information over and over) and allows every team that deals directly with the prospect to tailor the experience to the individual.


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