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Posted by Rebecca Miller ● Jul 09, 2019

Customer Focused Manufacturing Marketing

From services to large capital equipment purchases, buyers want to work with and buy from companies that understand their problems, provide solutions, and make the process easy.

Make it right episode 58The internet has changed the way we buy everything from laundry detergent to capital equipment, and this has also meant a change in buyers expectations. Cold calls are a thing of the past, and your customers won’t tolerate your salespeople doing discovery on the phone anymore. Businesses need to acknowledge these changes and create a corresponding change in how they attract customers, provide solutions, and follow up on sales.

Todd recently sat down with the Make it Right podcast to talk about how manufacturing companies can adapt to these changes and create a truly customer-focused business.

With an emphasis on bringing value to the table and helping customers solve problems both before and after the sale, customer-focused manufacturing marketing has the potential to drive growth and revenue.

Want to learn more about how manufacturing companies can create a focused customer strategy? Check out the conversation on the Make it Right podcast here.

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