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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Sep 04, 2015

A Manufacturing Marketing Approach Drives Leads and Sales

Late last year I wrote this blog post about Industrial Inbound Marketing for HubSpot and the ideas I talked about for growing an industrial business in 2015 still hold true.

manufacturing marketing approachBasic recap....

Do not just pick an chose one hot tactic and think you will be successful.  You cannot create a viral video, a Pinterst board is not the answer if you make capital equipment.  

Your website needs to be about them and not so much about you.  Your website cannot just be a digital catalog.  SEO results are increasingly going to those companies that create engagement with visitors and that means you needs to create content that relates to their issues and how they go about solving them.

Help them  buy. Be solution oriented. What do they need and when do they need it? Answer their objections and show them how to overcome obstacles as a central tenet of your marketing thinking. Take the time to ask them how they buy, what they search, what you are doing right in your marketing and what they ignore.  Interview the market using online analysis tools to see what people search and what content they engage with.  Use tools like heat maps to see how people actually use your site and to prove to your CEO that what he thinks looks good online does not matter - only what the users value matters.

You need a strategy and a long term commitment to make Industrial Inbound Marketing work. You need to understand your target persona and how the go through their buyer journey and create great, relevant content that earns their trust and gives you the credibility to be the one they call when they ar ready to ask for a quote.

It is Labor Day weekend, did you move your Industrial Inbound Marketing forward or did you let it go one more year increasing your risk of inbound marketing failure?  If you let it go much longer some small upstart will use these ideas to reach your ideal target audience and with it your market share.  

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