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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jun 04, 2019

Customer Driven Tactics

From email automation to chat to social media, it seems like there is always a new marketing or sales tactic catching everyone’s attention. But just because the marketing community is buzzing about the potential of a particular tactic doesn’t mean your prospect or your customers are.  

TacticsReaching your prospects and providing value for your customers happens when you reach them where they are and communicate in the ways they want to be communicated with. For your prospects that might mean running chat on your website and being available 24/7 but it might also mean changing how you prep for and follow up on trade shows.

Adapting to the realities of buying behavior today is about more than a new tactic or doing more of the same. Adapting to buyer behavior begins with the mindset of leadership.

If your company’s leadership can understand how you create value for your customers and how you build effective relationships, then you can begin to navigate strategy and tactics.

Doug Morneau PodcastHaving the right mindset and understanding of your buyers and prospects allows you to build a strategy across all levels of your organization that utilizes tactics that are effective at communicating and building relationships with your specific buyers.

Todd recently sat down with Doug Morneau, Real Marketing Real Fast, to talk about changing buyer behavior, inbound organizations, and allowing your customers to dictate the tactics you utilize. You can check out the full interview here!

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