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Posted by Rebecca Miller ● May 02, 2019

Customer Experience Keeps Customers Coming Back Years Into the Future

Do you know who your customers are? How do you reach them? How do you market to them after the sale?

Be there and be helpfulFor many industrial manufacturing companies, the next sale from a current customer might be years down the road, but if you aren’t planning for that sale now, you might lose it. And planning for that future sale, keeping your current customer into the future, starts with your mindset.

You need to put yourself into your customer's shoes and understand how they perceive you, what their needs are now, and what their needs will be in the future. Once you know these things, you can begin to create a customer experience that is helpful at all stages of the customer journey.

Todd recently sat down with the The Inbound Success Podcast to talk about why creating a fantastic customer experience can make a significant impact on sales now and into the future. You can listen to the full interview here.  

Todd and Kathleen recording the podcast

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Topics: Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing