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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Nov 09, 2018

Episode 125: What is the Biggest Issue Facing Marketing and Sales People Today? with Jill Konrath

Episode 125

This week we sit down with our friend Jill Konrath to talk about the biggest issue facing sales and marketing people today.

Everyone Jill talks to is overwhelmed. Everyone is too busy and feels like they aren’t getting enough done. And in today's business world everyone is also expected to always be on, responding to emails, actively engaging in social media, and generally being instantly available.

Your time is your biggest asset

The result of all of this overwhelming work and always-on culture is that distractions are rampant, we’re getting less done, and it’s hurting our ability to make sales and meet our goals. And as the work piles up, we all get farther away from the things outside of work that are important.  

Luckily Jill has some practical suggestions for how to minimize the distractions, manage your time effectively, and get more done with less.

Our Guest!

Jill Konrath’s career is defined by her relentless search for fresh strategies that actually work in today’s sales world. Jill Konrath is also a frequent speaker at sales conferences and kick-off meetings. Sharing her fresh sales strategies, she helps salespeople to speed up new customer acquisition and win bigger contracts. Her clients include IBM, GE, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Staples and numerous mid-market firms. Jill is the author of three bestselling, award-winning books including Snap Selling and Agile Selling.

You can find Jill on:

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jillkonrath/)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/jillkonrath)

Jillkonrath.com (https://www.jillkonrath.com/)

Latest book:  More Sales Less Time (https://www.amazon.com/More-Sales-Less-Time-Surprisingly/dp/1591847265)

Distractions are hurting our sales ability


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