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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Dec 14, 2018

Episode 129: What do Inbound and Technology Have to do with One Another?

Episode 129

Every company, regardless of what they sell, is impacted by technology. From the technology you use internally to track sales to the chatbot your clients use to talk to you, technology has the potential to create a superior, remarkable, and memorable customer experience.

[1:29] Question: What do Inbound and Technology Have to do with One Another?

Every piece of technology you use and your customers use to interact with you should be simple and accessible. Technology should be simple to use out of the box, easy to set up, and easy to figure out. The easier it is to use, the happier your customers are going to be. And the same goes internally. Giving good people bad systems is a recipe for employee churn.

You should also be leveraging technology to automate redundant and low-value work. Things like follow up emails, lead intelligence, lead notifications, sending emails through the CRM, and meeting tools are all opportunities for your internal technology to support and enhance the customer experience by supporting your employees. You should be using technology to create a centralized view of your customer.

Externally, tools like chatbots, knowledge bases, and conversations are opportunities to curate your customer experience. Technology should be enhancing the experience of your customers, clients, and leads.

“Inbound thinking pervades everything for us from product development to customer service to technology. We built the product based on the specific feedback of our members and the problems they wanted to solve and the relationships we have, and how we make their lives easier, so we end up having a sticky connection with them and their struggles. It all goes back to the inbound idea. It’s all about people and relationships.” Liz Connett, Fattmerchant

[20:43] Dan’s Rant

This is the year. Now is the time.

[21:00] Todd’s Truth

A centralized view of the customer is a must.  

[21:23] 3 Takeaways

This doesn’t have to be hard. There is a lot of great software and tools out there

There is a huge risk if you ignore the role of technology

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