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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Dec 28, 2018

Episode 131: 2018 Highlights

Episode 131This is it, the last episode of Inbound2Grow. It’s been a great year, and we want to thank everyone who has listened to, reviewed, read, or otherwise enjoyed the show. Inbound2Grow allowed us to explore the concepts we laid out in Inbound Organization, but we feel like we’ve covered the bases and it’s time for something new which brings us to the Industrial Executive.

The Industrial Executive podcast will pick up where we left off in Inbound2Grow except we’ll be focused on talking to actual leaders and executives in the industrial manufacturing space.

The goal of the new podcast is to focus on our primary persona, B2B executives, and their issues, which certainly include inbound and inbound organization concepts, but not exclusively. Industrial Executive will feature a new, interview format but we’ll also have an episode here and there with a format similar to Inbound2Grow, including the voice of Dan Tyre. We hope you choose to follow the new combined show at theindustrialexecutive.com.


Industrial Executive


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