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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jun 22, 2018

Episode 105: The Critical Connection Between Company Culture & Marketing Execution

Episode 105

In this episode, Dan and Todd explore how an authentic, inbound company culture fosters and allows employees to provide excellent customer experiences. While there are no shortcuts for creating a company culture, your company culture is an essential part of delivering the best customer experience.

Show Notes

[0:40] Question: What is the Connection Between Company Culture and Marketing Execution? 

the best damn experienceInbound Organization begins with a case study about a payment processing company, Fattmerchant, who made their mark in a traditional industry by thinking outside the box and becoming an inbound organization. Fattmerchant built a company culture that helps their employees provide, “the best damn experience.”

You can feel the difference an inbound culture makes when you go into companies like Fattmerchant and HubSpot because they’ve built a company culture that permeates the business. And that culture isn’t something you can fake. It must be authentic.

visit to fattmerchantHaving an authentic company culture is a key part of how you deliver outstanding customer experience. By hiring for people who fit your culture and building your culture into every aspect of the business, you create an environment that fosters and allows your employees to provide the kind of customer experience you are aiming for.

[13:53] Dan’s Rant

Dan gets asked on a regular basis how they do it at HubSpot. The short answer is that people treat customers the way that they are treated, another reason why company culture is so important.

[14:38] Todd’s Truth

A modern buyer values a relationship with a company that shares her values without sacrificing any quality or utility. Buyers want to do business with companies that share their values and companies live out their values through their culture.

[15:26] 3 Takeaways

  1. Check out Dan and Todd’s speaking schedule on inboundorganization.com.
  2. Buy the book, if you haven’t already. Here's the link: http://a.co/1UTyN96
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