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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jun 29, 2018

Episode 106: What is a Culture Code?

Episode 106

Companies create culture either intentionally or unwittingly. Creating a culture code allows you to take an active role in purposefully and mindfully creating your culture. Your culture code signals, both internally and externally, the values and beliefs your company is committed to. So, what is a culture code?

Show Notes

[0:42] Question: What is a Culture Code?

Directly from Inbound Organization, a culture code is, “an outline or slide deck that shows the key aspects of your beliefs, values, and aspirations and the type of environment you want to create. The culture code helps prospective applicants, employees, partners and vendors and even customers understand how you view your business and people.”

A culture code serves a number of functions both internally and externally. From the standpoint of internal leadership, it forces your leadership to be clear and transparent about the kind of company they are trying to create. It also sets expectations for your employees.

Your culture code also functions as a measure of what you say versus what you do and holds your organization accountable.

Externally, your culture code signals your beliefs and values as a company. A culture code helps to differentiate you from all other companies. This can play an important part in attracting and retaining the kinds of employees you want to work with.

Additionally, the process of documenting your culture code is important in and of itself. Having it shows people that the culture you are creating is something you value.

[14:06] Dan’s Rant

What is a wiki? A wiki is a website that allows everyone in the organization to collaborative edit the content and structure of the site. And Dan thinks that every company needs one!

In this week’s rant, Dan tells the story of a HubSpot intern who posts a reply on the company wiki that drastically changes the course of a major change at the company. 

[16:33] 3 Takeaways

  1. Document your culture code
  2. Start a wiki and start sharing information with everyone in your company
  3. Learn about and implement an employee net promoter score (ENPS)


Thanks to Rebecca Miller our podcast editor, social media coordinator, and blogger and to Zachary Jameson for producing the audio for the podcast. Check out Zachary on Upwork if you need podcast audio services.

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