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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Nov 02, 2018

Episode 124: What is Unique about Inbound Customer Service and Success?

Episode 124

Inbound customer service is more than reactive platitudes. Customer service used to be customers calling in and spending hours on the phone waiting to tell every person they talked to the same information in the hopes that someone could fix the problem. Customers still have problems, of course, but inbound customer service and success means that the customer service people you talk to know who you are, your history with the company, and are empowered to actually solve the problem. Inbound customer service and success are built around helping customers in meaningful ways.

[1:41] Question: What is Unique about Inbound Customer Service and Success?

No matter how good your company is at what it does things will go wrong. They won’t always be your fault, but your customers are going to look to you to provide solutions either way.

Applying an inbound approach to the process of customer service helps you to create happy, loyal customers. Typical customer service, on the other hand, often leaves people less loyal. And it’s not surprising. People don’t want a stress ball or empty, “I’m sorry to hear that.” People want solutions, and inbound customer service works diligently to provide them.

Your customers don’t expect you to solve every problem immediately, but if you are empathetic and proactive in providing help customers are understanding.

Airlines can’t control weather delays, but they can control the way they respond to and treat their customers who are impacted by those delays. No one needs swag; they need solutions. No one wants an airline t-shirt, but they wouldn’t say no to a free drink and a travel voucher.

And getting your customer service and success right is critical. People trust reviews, ratings, and comments and if your customer service is dropping the ball, you’ll see it in what people are saying about you.

“The goal is to align the promise of value, made during the earlier stages of the buyer journey, with the achievement of success by the buyer once the customer success journey begins. The promise of value must align with what the inbound service and success teams manage, so the buyer’s expectations are met.” Michael Redbord

[16:30] Dan's Rant

You need a customer success manager! Lean into customer service and make sure your customers are happy. Customers word of mouth is the best way to generate new business.

[17:32] Todd's Truth

The best way to grow in the age of buyer control is to create successful customers who become your best salespeople.

[17:39] 3 Takeaways

  1. Align your service teams with your marketing and sales
  2. Map out the customer service/success journey steps
  3. Build a customer success mindset and team


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