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Posted by Rebecca Miller ● Apr 03, 2019

The Importance of Customer Experience with the Streamlined Podcast

The truth is that your customers are impatient. They have access to multiple solutions to their problems in the palm of their hand all day long. So, to stand out from the crowd and create differentiation, you need to be serving up not just stand out products but world-class customer experiences.

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Creating a considered, wow-worthy customer experience isn’t something you can task your marketing department with and forget. The kind of customer experience that keeps customers happy and loyal is created and supported throughout every level of an organization. From leadership and a guiding mission to legal and IT, if everyone isn’t on board, you’re going to miss opportunities and drop the ball.

Todd recently sat down with the Streamlined podcast to talk about building an inbound experience across an entire organization to better serve customers, enhance their experience, and create a competitive advantage in the age of smartphones and Google.

You can listen to the full episode to hear some of Todd’s top tips for leveraging inbound principles across your organization to create a fantastic customer experience.

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