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Posted by Rebecca Miller ● May 23, 2019

Using Marketing Automation to Create a Customer Experience

Do you know how your prospects find you? Do you know how your prospects and customers engage with you? What was the last interaction any given customer had with your business?

Using marketing automation to create a centralized view of your customer allows you to answer those questions and then use that information to create a customer experience that grows your business.

Creating a centralized view of your customer means all of the interactions anyone has with your company are recorded. From the first time someone reads an eBook or signs up for a newsletter, to how they made contact with your sales team for the first time, to that time they called for product support you should be documenting and tracking each interaction.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation allows you to know who your customers and prospects are and how they are interacting with you. You can then use that information to more effectively communicate with them.

Some prospects and customers will never want to pick up a phone and call you whiles others want to talk to a sales rep. Your marketing automation strategy should take these preferences into account so that you can customize the customer experience.

Todd recently sat down with the MakingChips podcast to talk about how marketing automation can help you optimize your customer experience. Check out the full episode to learn about what marketing automation is and how to use it in your business here.

Need a marketing automation refresher? Want to learn more about the basics of automation like the tools and tech you should be using and how to get started? Check out this follow up to the podcast.

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