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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jan 23, 2024

How Case Studies Will Help You Reach Your Top Line Growth Goals

Case studies are one of the best types of content to engage people with. Why? Because it breaks the bad B2B marketing habit of making everything about you. A well-written case study is about the customer, their issues, and how they solved a problem.

how-case-studies-will-help-you-reach-your-top-line-growth-goalsIn another article I wrote, Answer These 10 Questions To Reach Your Top Line Growth Goals, I asked the question:

Are you using content, like case studies and testimonials, to attract and engage prospects in person and online?

If the answer is no, then you should be. And I’m not the only person who thinks you so. You can check out this post to see what some industry-leading experts (and me) think about case studies; you’ll also find some other great sales tips as well.

So why are case studies so important to reaching your top-line growth goals?

A big part of the answer is relevancy. Case studies, because they are about your prospects and customers, are relevant to your reader. And being relevant to your customers and leads is crucially important.

Stat: 74% of buyers choose the company that is first to add value as they are defining their buying vision.

Response: Provide your B2B prospects with solution-based content like application stories, case studies, and white papers that help them do their jobs better.

Case studies add value and establish your relevancy. Case studies are also a versatile form of content. You can always get customer quotes as testimonials from any case study you create. These are great to add to your website, add to your email signature, and drop in other marketing materials.

And best of all, if you’re worried about creating a case study, a good case study need not be complicated. To create a case study you can follow this straightforward outline.

  1. What was the situation and problem?
  2. What was the solution provided?
  3. What were the results, the value received, how was the situation improved, and/or where did the customer get better?

OK, now you have a good case study what next?

How To Promote Your Case Studies

Maximize the impact of your case studies with these promotion strategies. Case studies are not just documents; they are powerful storytelling tools that offer a wealth of content, insightful quotes, and inspiration for your digital marketing efforts, particularly on social media platforms.

Here's how you can leverage them effectively:

Blogging: Transform your case study into an engaging blog post. This not only enhances your website content but also boosts SEO.

Social Media Sharing: Use snippets, quotes, and key findings from the case study in your tweets, Pinterest boards, and LinkedIn updates. This enhances visibility and engagement.

Email Marketing: Feature your case study in emails or newsletters. This adds value to your regular communications with clients and subscribers.

Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn: Encourage your employees to share the case study on their LinkedIn profiles. This amplifies reach and showcases your company's successes.

Media Outreach: Use the case study as a pitch to editors of influential publications. This can open doors to wider publicity and establish your brand’s authority.

Sales Enablement: Equip your sales team with the case study. It can be a compelling tool to initiate conversations with prospective clients.

Internal Sales Team Resources: Share it with your inside sales team, providing them with a relatable narrative for incoming queries.

Networking through Leadership: Involve your CEO. Have them share the case study with peers, which can be an excellent opportunity for networking and asking for referrals.

Remember, a well-documented case study is a testament to the exceptional work your team performs daily. Cultivating a habit of requesting case studies and setting an expectation with your clients to participate can pave the way for creating influential content.

This, in turn, will be instrumental in achieving your top-line revenue growth goals for the year. Embrace the power of case studies and watch your company grow.

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