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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jan 18, 2016

Manufacturing Marketing Builds Online Presence and Increases Revenue

Manufacturing Marketing Problem

Bell Performance is a 106-year-old manufacturer of fuel additives and treatments for a wide range of users including consumers, businesses, government entities, and industrial users.


Bell had a number of challenges relating to its website and marketing in general that are common to many older companies.  They had outsourced the management of the website and had no direct control over content management or optimization.  Making changes was a costly and time-consuming process.  Bell was uncertain of how to develop an online marketing strategy, though they were keenly aware of the necessity.  They also understood the opportunity to both generate leads from a variety of industries as well as to generate sales using their website.

home-bellIn short, Bell needed targeted website traffic, conversions of that traffic to leads, and ultimately to turn those leads into customers, and they needed a partner to help them do it.


“Our goal was and still is to create a significant online presence that generates sales revenue, educates consumers and businesses, and convinces them to allow us to help them with their fuel-related issues.  We wanted to expand our influence and increase the number of people that knew about Bell.  Todd Hockenberry has certainly led us to achieve those goals by helping us build a marketing platform and process, along with helping us create amazing content that continues to expand our presence online,” says Glenn Williams, Bell Performance President.

Todd and his team implemented, consulted, and coached Bell Performance through:

  • Developing personas to reach their target audience
  • Creating content and targeted messaging
  • Optimizing their website and content using HubSpot
  • Communicating our value to their audience
  • Creating conversion opportunities to build customer lists
  • Building and driving business to their e-commerce store
  • Attracting target B2B customers and converting them into leads


  • Online customers grew from -0- to over 3,100 total in 3 years.
  • Increase in site visits from under 1,000 per month to over 48,000 per month in 3 years
  • Increase in new leads generated online from less than 5 per month to over 250 per month in 3 years

“We have worked with Todd Hockenberry to implement inbound marketing and they are the single biggest contributor to the ongoing success of our online marketing efforts.“ states Mr. Williams.

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