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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Nov 29, 2016

Manufacturing Marketing Success: $1M in Sales Growth Interview and Case Study

We love sharing our success stories with our blog readers. Our client’s victories and achievements become our victories too, and I love getting the chance to share with readers that manufacturing marketing and sales growth is achievable no matter how niche your market might be.

manufacturing marketing successSo, when HubSpot approached me with the idea to do an article and interview all about one of our client’s success stories I jumped at the chance. In the article, Pete Caputa did a great job breaking down our client's, Tube Form Solutions, success in 2015. You can read the full story over on the HubSpot blog here:

How a 27-Year-Old Manufacturing Company Grew Sales by $1M in 1 Year!

A manufacturer of tube fabrication equipment, Tube Form Solutions grew their sales 10%, over one million dollars, between 2014 and 2015. They are on track to see that growth continues into 2016 with a forecast of 15% in growth beyond last year’s results.

Inspired to share this amazing success story, Mr. Caputa sat down with myself and Mike Thomas, co-founder of TFS, to talk about the challenges faced by TFS, how they’ve achieved their success and their plans for continuing to grow into the future.

If you’d like to hear more about how we helped TFS achieve its remarkable results, I was recently interviewed by the Secrets Behind Great Sales and Marketing podcast. During the course of the interview we touched on:

  • TFS background and challenges
  • How they achieved 10% growth despite previous flat growth years
  • The reactions of their sales team and how it changed their day-to-day methods
  • The actions we took that made the biggest impact and my take-aways for other companies

You can listen to the full podcast where I discuss, in detail, the work we did with Tube Form Solutions to help them grow their revenue below!

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