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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Jun 11, 2019

How Optimization and Targeted Content Helped a Manufacturing Company Increase Traffic and Requests for Quotes by 40%

Lantech is a privately-held manufacturing company located in Louisville, KY. Lantech’s mission is to dramatically reduce the billions of dollars of damage that happens in transit – making sure products get from the factory floor to the retailer’s door in pristine condition. Lantech is the global leader in stretch wrapping and case handling equipment. Their advanced technology and innovative culture are what allows them to make their mission a reality for their customers.

lantechIn 2017 Lantech realized that they needed to improve the experience their global customers and website visitors received when they found their website. Lantech and Todd's team collaborated to launch a new website, create new content, and optimize the site for user experience and search.

Since Lantech launched the new website in July 2017, they have seen an increase in traffic of 16% and more importantly, an increase in requests for quote (RFQ) of 40%.

How did that happen?

Shea Hallenberg, Lantech Director of Marketing, puts it this way, “Our website has been around for a long time, and we already ranked well for our key search terms. The problem we needed to solve was how to drive ‘quality’ traffic while making it easier for the online searchers who found our site to figure out how to identify the machines they needed. Todd helped us shift our digital focus from the products we produce to the outcomes they deliver for our customers.”

Todd Hockenberry says, “We helped Lantech create blog posts and website pages that reflect the interests, questions, and issues typical users of stretch wrappers and case handling equipment find most helpful. We optimized the posts and site pages using classic SEO principles with a whole-site approach that organized the content in a way that was both easy for the site visitor to understand and for the search engines to index.”

Lantech content creation and optimizationMs. Hallenberg continues, “Blogging helped us drive engagement online as well as attracting a lot of new visitors. We moved from a few hundred to over 4,700 blog subscribers by creating helpful blog content. Our customer-focused content also improved our email campaigns.

But by far the biggest impact of our work with Todd was the increase in RFQ conversions on the website for our equipment. In 18 months we increased our RFQs by 40% - a result of an increase in quality traffic combined with improved site layout and organization.”

Todd's team also worked with Lantech to create offers including equipment buying guides, savings calculators, infographics, educational webinars, and ebooks in order to educate and inform visitors who were considering different stretch wrapper and case handling equipment options.

Mr. Hockenberry adds, “Another key focus of our content and optimization efforts was to grow traffic and leads globally. Lantech is a global company. Therefore, we created a German-language version of the website and started German and Dutch blogs to deliver unique content for site visitors based on their location. Lantech recognized that the days of the catalog website are long gone and we helped them implement a modern manufacturing marketing strategy built on a strong website and helpful content based on the needs of the visitor.”

“Todd was instrumental in helping us move from a home-grown website to implementing a global B2B digital marketing strategy,” says Ms. Hallenberg.

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