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Posted by Todd Hockenberry ● Sep 09, 2013

Targeted Lead Generation: Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers

Since July 2012 we've been working with a company called Beetle Plastics. Beetle Plastics designs and manufactures custom fiberglass pipe, large diameter fiberglass ductwork, fiberglass tanks, fiberglass vessels, other equipment and services relating to fiberglass products. A subsidiary of a larger water cooling tower company, Beetle Plastics was content for many years to supply the components for cooling tower projects.

The Challenge

targeted lead generation

In July 2012 Beetle Plastics signed up for HubSpot and hired us to help them implement and guide their inbound marketing efforts. Beetle Plastics was ready to find direct customers and knew they had the expertise and experience to firmly establish themselves as an industry leader. Our challenge was to help them apply inbound marketing tactics to their manufacturing business and achieve their goals.

The Solution

To help Beetle Plastics achieve their goals we focused on three key steps:

  1. Optimize the web site for long tail keywords
  2. Create calls to action and landing pages for existing content to drive conversions
  3. Create new content targeting ideal prospects

Read our Targeted Lead Generation case study to see how these three steps played out to result in more than 20% sales growth for Beetle Plastics.

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